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Watch Ellie Occleston move up and "Move On" with her latest single

And the hits keep coming! London’s own, Ellie Occleston, is back with yet another shining reason for her soon to be star status. Check out “Move On” below.

While “Move On” is decidedly poppier than her previous track, “Splinters,” it keeps the same overall feel which speaks to Occleston’s songwriting. The fact that she can go from acoustic to Pop while maintaining that same “Ellie-ness” shows this young singer has tons of potential.

“Move On” starts with a lovely acoustic guitar riff that sets up a moment of realization for Occleston’ where she finally decides to move far away from an old relationship. In a way, “Move On” almost feels like the sequel to “Splinters,” where Occleston was down and upset about her relationship on “Splinters,” “Move On” finds her picking herself up (both figuratively and sonically) and deciding to move away from the situation.

Aside from being an all around good song, here are a few fun facts about Occleston’s latest: Dale Davis (Amy Winehouse´s bass player and music director throughout her career) plays bass guitar, Jon Moody (of Franc Moody fame) plays keys and finally, the electronic piano on the song is a  Wurlitzer electric piano and was not only used by The Doors when they played in London but was also Amy Winehouse´s favourite thing to play when she was recording with Jon Moon at Sensible Studios.

Connect with Ellie Occleston: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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