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Subculture Sage deliver unapologetic cut on "Same Old Thing"

Subculture Sage describe themselves as ‘loners of the hip-hop scene’, with an unapologetic attitude and a true, pioneering DIY spirit. Their recently released single "Same Old Thing" is a gritty, no-holds-barred take on their refusal to be boxed into one specific lane or genre with shots taken on lyrics such as "Fuck living in a slave mindstate, fuck doing the same old thing”.  Check it out below:

The duo - who hail from London - consist of MC Hypeman Sage and producer Subculture Sounds. These two have been steadily building an army of fans and co-signs over the past 12 months, having released their ‘TAKE 3' EP in summer 2017 and playing a headline show at East London's OSLO.

Fast forward to 2018 and they have announced a new 6 track EP project 'Niccolo’s Dead’. This new EP is due out late April and is a throw toward their "pride at not falling into an immediate category or box". The body of work also dials up deeper, darker elements, while exploring "thoughts beyond death and the endless possibilities of what is”.

This latest single is a nod to their grime influences, and is a powerful first offering from the new EP. We can't wait to share more from this duo throughout the year.

Connect with Subculture Sage: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



Dark Rap · grime · Hip-Hop


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