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Paper Diamond explores a minimal melodic energy on "Downfalls"

On the heels of his recent emergence from a two year silence, iconic bass boss Paper Diamond is back with the second single off his forthcoming album on Fool's Gold Records.

Standing in sharp contrast to its predecessor - the massive heater "WORK 9000" - "Downfalls" is a mellow, and even introspective, roadmap to the artistic exploration the iconic producer has undergone during his years of anonymity. It's a restrained melodic track that could categorically fall into the realm of future bass, but truly feels genre-transcendent. “Sometimes good things take time. I decided to not rush in making this album in an attempt to make something meaningful that I truly enjoyed making, but also listening to," explains Paper Diamond. "2018 is the year I finally get to release all the music I’ve been holding on to these last couple of years.”

Paper Diamond's brilliant comeback is testament to giving your art space to breathe, and not rushing things to appeal to the often disposable EDM cycle. In recent years the man behind the moniker Alex Botwin has also devoted time to the practice of creating visual art, and 3D visual design - the payoff of this artistic cross-training is readily apparent in the depth of this work. If these two releases are any indication, there's much more sonic trailblazing to expect from the icon. 

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