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Odie is officially on fire with latest single "Night Terrific!" feat. Yaqob

On his latest, “Night Terrific!” San Diego based artist Odie serves up a short but sweet track to go along with his recent string of incredible releases. Check out the newest single below.

While his last few releases have found Odie singing solo, “Night Terrific!” switches up that formula with a guest verse from Yaqob. The two sound great together, making the April 6 release of Odie’s debut album Analogue, feel like it can’t come soon enough.

“Night Terrific!” starts off mellow, with pulsing synths filling up the background as Odie sings about a love interest, “Pain as she walk my way. Alright, okay. Even if I walk away, loving don’t fade.” From there Yaqob comes in for a quick verse, with Odie popping up here and there to support and interject. After that, it’s all Odie for the rest of the track, riding the subdued synths and muted percussions as he declares his love for this lady.

With so much talent as an artist, it’s amazing to see Odie pursuing a degree at the University of California, San Diego. College is tough enough without juggling a blossoming music career and the drive to accomplish both speaks volumes of the young man’s drive and dedication.

Connect with Odie: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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