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Steve Angello announces new album with 'Nothing Scares Me Anymore'

The rumors are finally confirmed to be true - Steve Angello will be releasing an album in 2018. With the release of his last EP, Genesis, in 2017, it seemed that the Swedish electronic artist and icon would be adding on to his exploration with further pieces, and it's now true. Genesis will act as "part one," and Inferno and Paradiso will comprise HUMAN, totaling at 21 tracks and featuring everyone from Pusha T to today's release featuring Sam Martin.

Since the release of his last album Wild Youth in 2016, we've watched Angello experiment in the releases on his Size Records and in his own music. He's explored the darker corners of electronic music, bringing in rock music and otherwise into his composition. Today, it seems he's made his HUMAN mission statement by continuing that sentiment with "Nothing Scares Me Anymore," a song that almost feels symphonic in movement as Martin's vocals are structured by interludes of rawness and orchestral turmoil.

HUMAN will be released in total on April 27th of this year, and is available with 7 tracks as instant downloads with a pre-order.

HUMAN tracklisting:

  1. Rejoice (feat. T.D. Jakes)
  2. Breaking Kind (feat. Paul Meany)
  3. Flashing Lights (feat. Highly Sedated)
  4. Glory
  5. Grace
  6. Are You (feat. WDL)
  7. 21: (x The Procrastinators) 
  8. Lord
  9. Wanna
  10. The Kiss
  11. God
  12. I Know
  13. Freedom (feat. Pusha T)
  14. Fire
  15. Heroes
  16. Shifter
  17. Paradiso
  18. Dopamine (feat. Barns Courtney)
  19. Break Me Down
  20. Eros
  21. Nothing Scares Me Anymore (feat. Sam Martin)

Connect with Steve Angello: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter |Instagram



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