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Sigrid showcases her vocals in unique "Raw" video

Sigrid is making all the right moves. She's drawn us in with her witty, infectious songwriting, her various official versions of her own songs sung through different levels of emotion and acoustic support. And now, she's taken that to a new level, singing her latest single, "Raw," to its title's fullest meaning. 

Her latest video follows her throughout a seemingly normal day in Brooklyn. Starting in an Uber-like backseat ride, Sigrid starts singing "Raw" on her own, and as she progresses throughout the video, her vocals get more and more impressive, engrossing, and accentuated by the world around her. Street sounds and the like only further emphasize Sigrid's personality and talent, and this unique video is a demonstration of the affect a real world performance can have on fans or soon to be fans. Check it out above.

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