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Sean Turk delivers that "Good Good"

The ascent of Sean Turk is one that is not only hugely deserved, but is a testament to the persistence necessary to succeed in this business.  After pulling the Kanye West "5 beats a day for 3 summers" grind working with a variety of up and coming artists as a producer/engineer, he started gaining major exposure with his lush remixes of some of the mainstream's largest hits garnering hundreds of thousands of listens.  Those edits paved the way for Sean to truly spread his artistic wings and begin releasing original tracks, first with frequent collaborator Jessame, and now with his own vocals.

With millions of plays across his various streaming channels, it's only a matter of time before the mainstream gets a taste of this "Good Good", whether Sean Turk's producing, writing or doing the whole damn thing.  All I know is that I certainly won't be surprised when his songs find themselves on any Top 40 station in the country, very soon.

Connect with Sean Turk: Website | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat 

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