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Sabiyha delves into folklore with "Wolf"

With an ethereal vocal and rich instrumentation, Sabiyha proves once again that she's one to watch on her latest single "Wolf."

Exploring her lyrical prowess, Sabiyha takes metaphor to a new level on this latest track, writing the entire song from the perspective of a wolf. She explains the story is about "a young female wolf and the moon. The moon falls from the sky and the wolf is left in darkness, losing her pack and being forced to survive the dark by herself. The stars ask the wolf to help find the moon, and in return, they offer her the howl of a thousand wolves." Drawing on tropes of old folktales and legends, she uses them to weave a tale which tells of a time in her life where she had to grow up faster than a child should. 

Dramatic strings contrast Sabiyha's urgent voice—this track ebbs and flows, it's tension and release seamless but also aggressive. Her highly anticipated, forthcoming debut EP is due for release in just before April. 

Connect with Sabiyha: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

Alternative · Folk · Indie · Main Stage


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