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Sobhhï dives in the inner regions on "RED II"


Singer/songwriter Sobhhï follows up his debut EP 'RED' with a 5-track sequel. 'Red II' is a short foray into Sobhhï's off-kilter style of downtempo, r&b styled music. His knack for using ethereal, dreamy soundscapes is on full display on this new EP. There are quite a lot to offer on the project from the emotional gripping opener "Twisted" to the moody/robotic vibes of "You Need This" and the reflective finale "Finders Keepers". Writing every lyric; thoughtfully composing each track, drawing on his music-theory background; and engineering and mixing each recording; the artist describes his creative process as "detail-oriented...equal parts intellect and emotion."

Sobhhï will follow 'RED II' up with a series of carefully crafted and themed EPs, expanding on the color-palette motif, and exploring dreamy R&B, rugged hip-hop, and bedroom soul. These EPs will be titled 'PURPLE I,' and 'WHITE I,' and issued throughout 2018. Get the EP here.

Connect with Sobhhï: Soundcloud |  Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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  • Thank you Tayo for this wonderful article. Grateful to be working with EARMILK for the first time

    Avatar sobhhï March 22, 2018 4:28 PM Reply

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