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ReauBeau & Dread Pitt drop "Land of Shadows" on Riotville Records [Premiere]

ReauBeau, Dread Pitt, and Aristoteles have joined forces for an epic future bass collaboration on Snavs' Riotville Records called "Land of Shadows." 

In recent times, both ReauBeau and Dread Pitt have garnered loyal followings through fresh releases. Furthering their landmark sounds, "Land of Shadows" marks the first time all three have come together for a solid collaboration. 

"Land of Shadows" blends elements of hip-hop, trap, and eastern music to push out a notable sound. 808s and non-genre conforming percussion raise the bar on this uncommon sound. 

"We started this song by going around my house with a foley recorder. We recorded slapping the back of the guitar, couch, sweeping the floor, and so on. So we started the song by only using these samples and made the beat revolve around them. In the end, we wanted to tell a story about fighting against the people who do not support your dreams and fight against your own resistance (shadows) when you're trying to make your dreams come true." -ReauBeau


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