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Don't watch Alison Wonderland & Trippie Redd's latest if you're "High"

Since her debut in 2015, Alison Wonderland has operated on the darker, grittier edges of pop as well as house music. She's found success in holding those spaces, including with the pop side of the coin in "Church," giving her a die-hard fanbase and the highest billing for a female DJ at Coachella in history. 

Ahead of her sophomore album AWAKE, this week marks the release of Alison Wonderland's latest from the album that's due out later this year. This single, "High," is a collaboration with rapper Trippie Redd, known for his beef with XXXTENTACION and successful SoundCloud hip-hop. Together, they have taken Wonderland's grit into a totally experimental space - an interesting choice for her second single off her new album.

"High" clocks in at just about 3 minutes, the majority of it as Redd's over-elongated singing of syllables like "babe" and the song's own title. The video - which Wonderland directed herself - makes this part of the track mesmerizing, as we see Redd aggressively smoking a blunt and Alison Wonderland apathetically looking away from the camera and alluding to participating in anything Redd is taking part of. The production makes us wonder if this is a drawn out introduction, and if it's going to lead into anything showing off Wonderland's production style through any kind of build up. Eventually - after some exhausting waiting - it does, with the video switching into some dark, scary animated versions of the two collaborators. While the lyrics to "High" are inviting to participate, watching this video is such an unsettling experience we certainly wouldn't advise to watch it if you've accepted that invitation.

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