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Cusi Coyllur is highly determined to "Grow"

Shannen Roberts is an experimental pianist, singer and mental health advocate who goes by the Inca inspired moniker Cusi Coyllur, (coo-see coy-your). Her musical style can be deemed as experimental, offbeat with female empowerment undertones which make up for an engaging combination. Her latest record "Grow" is an uber-progressive record that literally shapeshifts over the course of 4 minutes and showcases her poignant writing techniques and above all her unique gripping vocal tone. The track dwells on her insecurities in a relationship but it is far from a cry for help as she is determined and empowered to move forward with the experience.

When she is not playing music, she offers positive healing as a 500-hour yoga instructor with The Strange is Beautiful Alternative Self-Help Guide at shows and at L.A. and SF Zine Festivals. Past performances include KUCI and Women Fuck Shit Up and a Play Like a Girl (PLAG) showcase. Weekly she hosted “Sick…or Something” Instagram Live Shows to talk about her arthritis, IBS and mind obstacles and feature other artists struggling.

Connect with  Cusi Coyllur: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative Rock · Jazz


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