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The Philharmonik exposes the bare truth behind the "Neon Lights"

After going against the capitalist system on his previous single "Pay me", The Philharmonik returns with yet another poignant record he calls "Neon Lights", which is a sparking retro-tinged piece of art that bemoans the deeper workings of the entertainment industry. We all know the aforementioned industry comes with a lot of limelight and a lot of neon, behind which many successful artists fall towards vices - whether it be sex, drugs, alcohol, or merely watering down their messages in exchange for commercial success. Knowing this fact alone, The Philharmonik spills the tea using his personal experience as a reference point.  While the subject matter is insightful and thought-provoking, he still keeps it very much entertaining with his Cameo-styled vocal delivery and undeniable funky grooves. 

The video is set in a limo ride through the Las Vegas nightlife, dripping in 1970s sound and aesthetics, "Neon Lights" is a response to the superficial demands of the entertainment industry - complete with stereotypical cocaine and booze-powered agent working to get a young, talented artist to sell his soul. “It might look nice from the outside but it will end your life,” The Philharmonik warns on the chorus.

"Neon Lights" is off' The Philharmonik's recently released self-titled debut album. Get it on Spotify here.

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