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G-REX and SWRVN bring the smackdown on "Throwin' Hands" featuring Mikey Ceaser

G-REX has been bringing the heat in these first few months of 2018. A sinister collaboration with HEKLER and an unexpected bass boosted flip of Valentino Khan’s "Deep Down Low" kicked things off for the Detroit native. Now fresh off a recent release on TWONK’s World Wide Weirdos Vol 2, G-REX is back again with some more of the good stuff. This time he’s teamed up with fellow bass bender SWRVN to bring the brass on "Throwin’ Hands" featuring Mikey Ceaser.

The track offers a cinematic intro leading into a heavy assault of 808’s and spacey hits as well as driving top-line vocals from the ever energetic rapper. "Throwin’ Hands" is a true bass lovers cup of tea, with plenty of pinpoint snare and brass fills that accentuate the gritty attitude of the tune. Mikey comes into his own even further on his second verse, which slowly glides into a pitch bend boosting the intensity of his profound lyricism just before the tune dumps you straight off into the drop. Following suit to the tracks name, "Throwin' Hands" will have you ready to rage.

Bass · Dubstep · Electronic · Rap · Trap


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