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Danya Vodovoz releases new album 'Motion Machine' [Exclusive]

A musician who has floated around the electronic music scene for the past two decades, Danya Vodovoz has worked in production, released a stream of projects and singles, and even designed over 30 sample packs for software packages like Melodyne and Kontakt.  With songs that have charted on Beatport and a resume that features production work for Raul Paz, he's a musician who graces every track with an innovative edge.

His latest album Motion Machine is out tomorrow and features waves of sounds to keep you moving.  Starting with the bouncy opener "Venice" to the floating, wavy closer "The Sauce", Motion Machine services your soul with extended breaks and rhythms that recharge and reenergize.

Listen to Motion Machine here before its release tomorrow.


Connect with Danya Vodovoz: Facebook | SoundCloud

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