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Try not to smile watching PREP's video for "Don't Bring Me Down," we dare you

Even though Spring and Summer are still a few months out, there's no reason the music you listen to needs to be dreary! It may be borderline freezing where you are, but London based Pop band PREP has a video that is sure to Summer away your bummers and put a spring firmly in your step. Watch their video for "Don't Bring Me Down" below.

Made up of a hip-hop producer (Dan Radclyffe), a classical composer (Llywelyn Ap Myrddin), a house DJ (Guillaume Jambel) and a singer-songwriter/co-writer (Tom Havelock), PREP is an intriguing group out of London with loads of potential. This ultra sunny track comes straight off their upcoming EP, Cold Fire, which is sure to be a winner if the rest of the project is anything like "Don't Bring Me Down."

For the visual representation of the song, the band headed West and tapped dancer, Hao Feng, to star in the film. In the beginning, our hero is seen dancing around different parts of LA, be it in front of buildings, inside restaurants or just around the streets of Korea Town. As the flick moves along, the dancer begins to transform, until he's a full-fledged bird-person by the end of the video. The whole thing is a little wacky, but Feng brings the feeling of the song to life with his carefree and bird-like moves.

No exact release date for PREP's Cold Fire EP but you can expect it around April time. Until then, press play on "Don't Bring Me Down" above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all your music needs.

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