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Jesse Aaron seeks closure through debut EP "Better Dreams"


Remember that boy in middle-school that everyone was not-so-secretly crushing on? Artsy, sensitive, strumming his guitar during recess? Fast-forward a few years, and that's Jesse Aaron. The word "lovesick" comes to mind when listening to his first project premiering today on EARMILK— the Better Dreams EP. All 6 tracks are simple, sentimental pop songs about relationships, and it's hard not to feel the pull of nostalgia after a first-listen. Jesse is 20 years old, grew up in Los Angeles, and describes himself as a "musician at heart." He's been playing the piano since the age of 5 and writing music since 13. To Aaron, his writing process and interconnection with music is essential:

"Through songwriting, I'm able to cope with my own struggles while connecting with others at the same time. I feel that I'm here to reach out and connect with people, so if one person can experience the same joy from my music that I feel when I listen to the music I love, I can finally experience the power of healing and togetherness." 

Better Dreams combines Jesse's drive to connect with the world through music, and his creative-expression of his emotions. It's a reminder of the saying, "hindsight is always 20/20"; through looking backwards and examining past relationships, you can feel him find closure. The EP was self-written and produced, and mastered by upcoming R&B artist, Jay James.

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