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Von Grey ventures across a barren wilderness in the "Poison In The Water" [Video Premiere]

Von Grey, a pop trio made up of classically trained musicians (and sisters) Kathryn, Annika, and Fiona von Grey, makes pop songs with the same rich textures as a particularly tight orchestra accompanied by a masterful choir.

Their newest video is for "Poison in the Water", a song from their latest EP Trinity.  The video was self-directed by the band and shot in the Bonneville Salt Flats, as well as locations across Northwestern Utah.  Fiona says of directing the video, “The Poison In The Water music video was such an exciting project for us to create! My gear was really put to the test as we were filming in such rugged, extreme weather. But what a beautiful challenge to battle the elements while capturing the magnificence of Utah and directing a music video to one of my favorite songs of ours. My frozen lenses may never be the same, but it was worth every shot.”

The song features layers of vocals from the sisters, as well as thought-provoking lyrics.  Annika speaks of the video's concept,  “We wrote Poison in the Water during a time when we're contemplating the delicate balance between vulnerability and corruption. The song has political and emotional roots, and we wanted the video to reflect that, being both fragile & biting. The imagery reflects a loss of innocence in the form of a bitten apple, we filmed in a serene yet blisteringly cold environment and displayed the potential violence of media when the autonomy is stripped away from the viewer. Hopefully, that translates.”


Trinity is out now. Find it here.


Connect with Von Grey: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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