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Vince Staples pulls no punches on “Get The Fuck Off My Dick”

Vince Staples newest single “Get The Fuck Off My Dick” came right out of the blue. A few days ago, he posted a Go Fund Me campaign urging his haters to contribute up to the sum of 2Million dollars for him to quit the rap game and move to a gated community in Palmdale. It seemed like a joke when we first viewed the video but true to life, there is a campaign currently running now (check here).
Back to the music, “Get The Fuck Off My Dick”  is a middle finger anthem to the haters, naysayers, and pretty much everyone else. Musically, it's not really a far cry from what we are used to from the emcee but on here he does open up a little bit more and hits the vocals more aggressively, ignorant and keeping the track entertaining from start to finish.
Get “Get The Fuck Off My Dick” on all major digital platforms here.

Connect with  Vince Staples: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram Facebook


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