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"Crash" into Chris Malinchak's icy bliss

Chris Malinchak is back with another brilliant track called “Crash.” Picking up where the chilled atmosphere of “Mother” left off, Malinchak’s new track weaves together these delicate layers of melancholy instrumentation for a commanding result. A simple piano lead carries us through the quick shuffling percussion and pillowed synths, making for a very cerebral and focused track. Minimal with vocals, it’s clearly all about the soundscape. Overall Malinchak’s delivered a crisp, refreshing example of modern house.

It will be interesting to see how this growth in sound plays out as the year unfolds. With productions like these, 2018 is looking bright. You can also find "Crash" to stream on Spotify. Make sure to follow Chris Malinchak for more gems!

Connect with Chris Malinchak: SoundCloudTwitter | Instagram

Dance · Deep House · House


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