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Legendary Fruitman revisits his childhood on 'Grandma's Day' [Video]

The Legendary Fruitman is more than just a rapper, he is also an entrepreneur and social activist to an extent.  The native Columbus Georgian act has been involved in several social causes which include rendering help to the less fortunate and the at-risk. Quite recently his song "Grandma’s Day" (of which he has proclaimed Feb 23rd. Grandmother’s Day) was released with all proceeds generated from the song going to Breast Cancer awareness, care centres and research facilities. The record in question is a detailed outlook on the role his grandma played in his upbringing and the contributions she made toward his growth as a young man. Over a bright, piano-driven backdrop, he sheds some insight into his childhood memories "...When I was a misfit jit I had to pick a switch/My grandma taught me right, she never led me wrong/She loved me when I'm right, she loved me when I'm wrong..."

The visuals for the song is vivid and the style of animation really accentuate the theme. Somewhat simple but very effective if we do say so ourselves. " Grandma's Day" is available via Moneytree Entertainment and is distributed by Empire Distribution.

Connect with  Legendary Fruitman : Soundcloud

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