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Zilo is on a higher plateau on her new record "Keep Up Wimmi" [Video]

We got a new slamming record from London-based singer-songwriter who goes by the name Zilo. Her newest record "Keep Up Wimmi" is a blend of downtempo, soul, R&B and hip-hop elements. Her effortless style is smooth, catchy, and flourishes as the perfect ode to being confidently independent. Zilo's hushed sing/rap delivery is matched by the track’s lyrical content; a song about being secure in your own skin without needing the validation of others.

For the visuals, she links up with director Camille Nock. The creator takes Zilo's free-spirited style up several notches, portraying her in her own element doing what she does best with little restraint. It begins with an intimate snapshot of her life - a collection of her artwork, a look into her bedroom, and an impromptu a capella clip. The scenes cut across several streets, shops, and backwoods, with Zilo playing the central figure in everything. This record definitely establishes Zilo as an artist to watch, and I've absolutely got my eyes and ears on her moves.

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