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Rahn Harper reflects on "Phases"

Rahn Harper's unique mix of R&B and alternative hip-hop is unlike anything you've heard before. The Wisconsin-based recording artist just released an incredible new love song titled "Phases." This new track sees him reflect on a relationship and realize that everyone goes through phases. He expresses his frustration with the outcome of the relationship, but ends with a positive outlook about getting back with the person. Passion seeps from his soothing vocals with every melody on "Phases." Rahn Harper's voice is incomparable with anything out now, but his style gives an easy, enjoyable first listen. Through this song Rahn Harper shows that, with his level of relatability and authenticity, his ceiling is sky-high. Listen to his newest song, "Phases," up above. 

Connect with Rahn Harper: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 

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