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Lions Ambition & Marcus D focus on the "Brighter Days" [Video]

With so much craziness in the world right now, it's always refreshing getting something as bright and inspirational as this new record by alternative hip-hop band Lions Ambition. Their moniker alone already betrays their positive intent and their music only reinforces the concept further. The 7 man band teamed up with Tokyo based producer Marcus D and the result is  "Brighter Days ", a pure musical representation of positive affirmation.

Over a laid-back, soulful backdrop the emcees in the group share their personal experiences laced with inspiring lyrics that everyone can relate to. The visuals also help showcase the band's live vibe feel, putting them in an intimate space and of course in their element to fully flourish.

"Brighter Days" is the first video from the collaboration project '"Portrait Of A Muse'  between the Seattle (US) based band Lions Ambition and producer Marcus D. This track "Brighter Days" is going to be part of a re-issue in Japan/Korea this year and is featured as the main song on their SXSW selection which can be viewed here .

Connect with Lions Ambition: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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