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L8LOOMER is 'Good for That' on new single

L8LOOMER the man originally known as Broderick Batts from Tampa, Florida is here and hitting the airwaves with the summer vibe's early with his new release of 'Good For That'. 

'Good For That' is a song that strikes a chord with all who have or have lost love with relatable lyrics such as, "Love is such an easy game to play, but I get lost along the way." L8LOOMER's rhyme scheme is bouncy as it rides the airy and light snaps and hats which melt into a spoken word sample mixed with a Mac Demarco - esque guitar riff in the bridge. 

L8LOOMER channels Chance the Rapper and KYLE! in his voice and flow but as 'Good For That' progresses you realize this is a unique man who oozes raw talent, creative writing style, and raps as smooth as a pour of milk into tea.

Now, if that was not enough for you, L8LOOMER has enlisted the voice of talented R&B artist, Anne Dereaux to sing the hook. Anne Dereaux, who has garnered attention for her debut EP "Book of Lolita," is the perfect compliment to L8LOOMER's heartfelt single by adding a  sultry element.

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