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KinKai's drops the slick visuals for his dreamy rap confession "Treasure"

For Manchester rapper KinKai, the past year has been one of growth and prosperity. He performed at shows across the UK, grew a even larger following online, as well as dropping one of the most stellar debut projects of 2017. In many peoples eyes, he's currently at the forefront of a thriving Manchester music scene, and his blend of  sloppy boom bap instrumentals and melodic elements, it's no wonder his success has been so clear to see.

This week we've been given the dreamy new visuals for his track "Treasures" taken from his 2017 project Mellow Mermaids & Malibu, which was well received amongst fans & critics alike. The video see's KinKai covered in black paint, to point out the issue that some people have with dark skin tones and not finding them attractive. "With the concept of the video, I chose to paint my face black—as I'm attempting to highlight the girl's disinterest in me because of my very dark skin colour—further pushing the colourism conversation into play". The track itself, featuring a wavy boom-bap instrumental produced by Glue70, see's KinKai showcasing his smooth flow and clever lyricism which see's him describe his love of women & everything they represent.

Connect with KinKai: Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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