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Oscar Key Sung shares futuristic R&B tune "DYT"

Australia's Oscar Key Sung makes music that sounds like it comes from the future, but whose lyrical themes are rooted in the present.

One of the biggest talents in the severely underrated Australian electronic music scene, Sung sings a song of love and change on "DYT". With hi hats skittering and nocturnal synths swelling, these soaring, uptempo electronic melodies create an engaging late night atmosphere. "If I lose my way, then show me" he sings, his heavenly voice rife with emotion. The future garage beat gives way about halfway through, getting swapped out for a more straightforward 4-on-the-floor dance pattern. All the while, angelic female vocals float around in the background during the chorus as Oscar asks you to "DYT". While the acronym's exact explanation isn't explained in the song, we can assume he wants us to do our thing. You got it, Oscar.

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