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Rexx Life Raj flexes storytelling chops on "Never Had" [Video]

After his last video graced the pages of EARMILK, Berkeley standout rapper Rexx Life Raj is back on The Milker again with another stellar flick for "Never Had," a memorable track from his recent Father Figure 2: Flourish project.

The new visuals add a refreshing new layer to "Never Had," which was already dope on its lonesome, that provides a glimpse into the life of an artist who thrives on peeling back past life experiences and seeing how far he's come from the bottom.

Per usual, Raj flaunts a smooth flow on "Never Had," though he does turn up the intensity a bit towards the end when he realizes his pops was right about growing up and seeing friends veer down the wrong path. The minimalist and less bubbly production fits the somewhat melancholy tone of the song and video, the latter depicting Raj and his family struggling financially, prompting him to orchestrate a nighttime home invasion with his homies. Fortunately for Raj and his fans, he ultimately chose to pursue music over less promising ventures, and bless the Bay and the rest of the world with a singularly mood-boosting brand of hip hop.

After slapping "Never Had," peep out the rest of Father Figure 2 for more timeless gems, and keep an eye out for Raj as 2018 unfolds. Fresh off a Pharrell cosign at ComplexCon, Funkmaster Rexx is clearly next up.

Connect with Rexx Life Raj: SoundCloud | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube

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