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Sinephro channels beautiful moments in minimalism with "Rosier"

Listening to "Rosier" is a calming experience. It's smooth, and finessed in a way that brings imagery of renaissance and classical sculptures, and yet feels so much more contemporary in its nature.

"Rosier" is totally enchanting; it's an exciting, and magical journey of dynamics throughout. Unafraid of quietness in sound; the listener has no way of knowing what will happen next. And, by the same token "Rosier" never disappoints. Everything seems like a wonderful balance between being perfectly considered, and improvised. In fact, it greatly adds to the allure of the song, which, as you can hear, is already so beguiling.

We also gather that Sinephro is composing, and recording a jazz album en route for this year, and personally we just can't wait to hear it.

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