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Wake up to Chima Anya & Slone's hilarious "Coffee" video

There are so many things going right in Chima Anya & Slone’s latest video, “Coffee,” it’s tough to find the right place to begin.

First thing’s first, this video is hilarious. The entire track revolves around the subject of Chima not wanting to waste time drinking coffee with a lady after their previous night together. To give the visual representation of this, Chima sits himself in a coffee shop with a gal and proceeds to stare blankly as she talks. From there, things get wacky. Disco lights, dancers, roller skates and more all make their way into the video, giving it a lighthearted feel.

Second, the track itself is excellent. Chima has a way of examining everyday situations and making poignant (and often hilarious) remarks on them in his music, something he does perfectly on “Coffee.” It's not just that the song is relatable, but that he centers it around the act of getting coffee, which makes it amazing. By keeping coffee as the focal point, Chima makes the pain of an awkward one night stand all too relatable to his viewers.

Finally, “Coffee” is a grade A example of how to make a music video as a up and coming musician. Chima didn’t have a $996,631.90 budget from his label to play around with, yet he was able to crank out a charming video that adds another layer to his song. “Coffee” is fun, quirky and charismatic. And at the end of the day, to have a successful music video, that’s really all you need.

Press play on “Coffee” above and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for Chima & Slone’s upcoming album People Forget, out February 23rd.

Connect with Chima Anya: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Slone:  Facebook | Twitter


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