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Honey Stretton captures the art of moments on "The Thrill of Loneliness" [Bandcamp Corner]

Recommended by our last artist to watch Puma Blue, Honey Stretton's music is a brilliantly colourful lo-fi dream.

There's something so incredibly live about "The Thrill of Loneliness".  The song captures the feeling of waking up in the morning. Imagine this soundtrack playing whilst stretching out your arms, and getting ready for the day. The unusual recording is wonderfully nostalgic. The song begins as background noises and guitar set the scene for timeless vocals, and swells of vocal harmonies. The analog cassette feel and human moments make this song so magical. We've fallen in love with Honey Stretton's music, and luckily for us there are some beautiful, and extremely limited cassettes of Honey Stretton's EP equally enchanting EP Wail available to buy here. Listen to "The Thrill of Loneliness" above on Canigou Records.

Connect with Honey Stretton: Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify | Bandcamp


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