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Westerman delivers new single "Confirmation" on Blue Flowers

Vocally reminiscent of greats such as Paul Simon and Arthur Russell, Westerman drops his new single "Confirmation" on rising independent label Blue Flowers

Written about the choice between impulsive and considered creation, "Confirmation" continues a string of exciting work with producer Bullion. However, the new song is different from previous work. There's a progression in Westerman’s sound. In comparison to Call and Response, "Confirmation" edges considerably into a more electronic and genreless sphere. The track is subtle, yet striking bold vocals and melodies glide over a merging of instruments and textures. Meanwhile, the catchy chorus swirls round the ears. Westerman headlines The Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 11th April and tickets can be bought here. Westerman will also be doing an NTS radio show on 6th April from 12 - 1pm.

Connect with Westerman: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify 



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