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Caleborate lets his "Bankrobber" visuals loose

Bay Area hip-hop artist Caleborate is, to put it bluntly, a hell of a rapper. His authenticity consistently shines as he rhymes with a smooth aggression and weaves plenty of substance into his hard raps. He just released a music video for his fan-favorite song "Bankrobber" from his most recent project Real Person. "Bankrobber" is an unparalleled display of the Bay Area's energy through tough raps. The song is about getting money while staying true to yourself, but Caleborate also comments on politics when he says "first off, fuck Donald Trump/I don't care, he ain't my president." The track captures the Bay Area's spirit and intensity, but is for much more than just Northern Californians. The new visuals are inspired by Alanis Morissette's video for "Ironic," and see Caleborate in different outfits that represent the different sides of his personality. Check out the APLUS FILMZ-produced and self-directed music video for "Bankrobber" up above. 

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