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KenKode bends sound and perception on darkly otherworldy 'Abstractorium' EP

Sinister, amorphous, alien beats are the hallmark of  KenKode's latest EP Abstractorium. The Kinphonic release boldly eschews typical parameters of sound design and composition, to the great delight of the maniacal sound bender himself.

The intense creator was formerly one half of Cyberpunkers, and made his departure in order to create music with his desired level of experimentalism and depth. Dark sonic elements combine with punishing bass lines on the four-track offering Abstractorium. It's a twisted ride from start to finish, kicked off by the slow, iced out, ominous metallic techno cut "Mine." A spooky distorted vocal sample kicks off "Moan," which settles into a kind of "disco at he Haunted Mansion" vibe. A more playful melody emerges with "Night Slave," which offers big, church organ reminiscent synths. Rounding out the record is the amazingly titled "Spaghettification," which if heard on a dance floor, would undoubtedly do just that to your limbs - convey a groove so insatiable you'd be unable to control their wiggle to the all-consuming deep bass.

Abstractorium Track List:

  1. Mine
  2. Moan
  3. Night Slave
  4. Spaghettification

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Dance · Experimental · Techno


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