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Odie makes bleak sound beautiful with his latest song, "Faith"

On his last track, “Little Lies” Odie sat questioning the world around him. Though the topic was dark, the song itself was anything but. On his latest, however, Odie switches gears. Listen to “Faith” below.

“Faith” starts out apocalyptic, industrial, bleak. The first 30 + seconds is a wasteland of sound, with metallic tumbleweeds wandering across. Then, suddenly, Odie steps into the scene to inject a drop of Afrofunk, and life, into the track. From there, Odie continues to build the world around us. What started out dusty and dry has become rich with Odie claiming his life is beyond suffering, and his natural energy is so high he does not need cocaine.

Aside from being a great song, “Faith” says a lot about the young Bay Area talent. His two most recent tracks are wildly different in their approach, yet they both achieve the same level of quality. Hard to say what’s next for Odie, but if these two songs are any indication, we’re in for something special.

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