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Mamas Gun serve up a sweet track with a rich center on "Strangers On A Street"

We want the funk. Mamas Gun, the funky five-piece band out of London, is back with their latest single, “Stranger On A Street.” And, damn, is it a fun one.

There’s something wonderful about a song that can immediately get you dancing while also appeasing your appetite for something more profound. On “Stranger On A Street,” Mamas Gun does just that. The story of the song plays out like a scene wherein two old friends run into each other on the street, years after a major falling out. Lead singer, Andy Platts vivid imagery, coupled with the band's warm instrumentation and happy go lucky cadence create a brilliant tension that only cranks up the resolution of the scene in your mind.

There’s something real about the juxtaposing message and vibe of the song. Because in real life, shit days and awkward moments don’t only happen when the weather sucks. Sometimes, the most beautiful days hold the worst memories.

”I love that idea of talking about something maybe serious, sad or loaded emotionally, but dressing it up in something more immediate," says Platts about his song. "The music calls you in, then you unwrap it and realise there's something a bit more at the centre of it."

“Stranger On A Street” is the latest single from Mamas Gun’s upcoming LP, Golden Days which is due to drop May 18 of this year. If you’re feeling the record above, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t, be sure to mark your calendars for May to hear the project in its entirety.

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