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Leave the past in your rocket's rearview with Ruth Koleva's "I Don't Know Why"

Coming to your eardrums from Bulgaria is Ruth Koléva and her latest single, “I Don’t Know Why.” Acting as the leadoff single for her upcoming album Confidence. Truth, “I Don’t Know Why” is a wondrous combination of Space-Funk and Pop-Soul brought together seamlessly by Koléva's silky smooth vocals.

In the not-so-distant future, concerts will take place on Asteroid Belts with the planets and stars acting like backdrops for the show. At least, that’s how “I Don’t Know Why” makes it sound. This song is like a disco party on Saturn’s rings. It's like Futurama becoming a reality. It's like “Space Oddity” playing on loop in a cherry red Tesla roadster as it blasts through space...In other words, the future is Ruth Koléva, the future is now, and the future is damn awesome.

Although the individual pieces (read: instruments) that make up “I Don’t Know Why” are fairly standard, it’s their arrangement that gives the song that future feel. Whether that’s sections with furious strings, blips of brass or Koléva's voice flying in and out of the song like a shooting star.

Regardless of the reasons, “I Don’t Know Why” is timeless fun. Strap on your spacesuits kids, the future’s come early.

Connect with Ruth Koleva: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Electro R&B · Neo-Soul · Nu-Jazz · Soul


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