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Love flutters in the wind in Jon Vinyl's latest single, "Cherry Blossom"

On his latest release, “Cherry Blossom,” Toronto crooner Jon Vinyl utilizes a magnificent voice and a beautiful guitar loop to muse on a lost love.

Only his third release, Vinyl is quickly establishing himself as a singer to watch up in the Six. After one quick run through of “Cherry Blossom,” it's easy to see why.

“Cherry Blossom” opens up with a gorgeous guitar loop that sets the tone for the song to come. Though the subject matter hinges around a relationship gone by, Vinyl keeps it positive. This isn’t spiteful, but romantically reminiscent. It’s as if the young singer sees the world through rose cherry-colored glasses.

What separates “Cherry Blossom” from the run-of-the-mill "love lost" tracks, however, is Vinyl's vocal mastery. His vocal delivery is treated as much an instrument as the thumping percussion and dreamy guitar cords playing in the background. His control and ability to shrink or grow his voice on cue, allows the track to unfold like a movie scene before your very eyes.

Press play on “Cherry Blossom” above and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming debut EP, which will drop later this year.


Connect with Jon Vinyl: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

R&B · Soul


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