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Duchess Simone releases a powerful spoken word piece titled "Deserve/Black, Man!"

Spoken word artist/ author Duchess-Simone delivers the first audio representation of her works in the form of the piece titled "Deserve/Black, Man!".  Duchess elevates visual storytelling in a unique manner with a thought provoking combination of words, music, and nature. She sheds light on the quandary that is black manhood, and depicts life, death, and all its unpredictable glory. Carried by a thunderous bass line, the uplifting poetry crafted around the meditative chant “giving you the love you deserve” is aimed directly to fill the voids of the queen’s esteemed counter part.

"you must wake up and see the truth/ don’t be amused/don’t be accused

curse in one breath /in the next wish to look just like you and dress like you/ but you’re no muse

and they’re not used to you king/ of no use to you king

rain drops, clouds cry for you king/ roses petition to bloom for you king and the sun sets on you king”

"Deserve/Black, Man!" comes just 2 months after she published her book of poetry Bare With Me, Now expanding her platform with this self-produced body of work she contributes to the trending #blackexcellence narrative with a refreshing nod to #blackboyjoy from a woman’s perspective. Completely credited from the music, lyrics, and direction, Duchess-Simone continues to unveil the undeniably rare, raw, and multi-faceted gem that she is, and why “Every day’s a good day to be Black, Man!”


Connect with  Duchess Simone : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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