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Night Things highlights real couples in video for "(Til) I Kissed You"

Valentine's Day has brought us an impressive amount of new music and projects from artists who seemingly couldn't wait to share their experiences - good and bad - with love. Emerging band Night Things has chosen the heartwarming route to celebrate V-Day, with a cover of The Everly Brothers's "(Til) I Kissed You." While this might be a deeper cut from the group who brought us "All I Have To Do Is Dream," and "Wake Up Little Susie." 
While Night Things's version of "(Til) I Kissed You" is something to write home about, the video is as well. Produced by Zack Shields, the video is a music video-length documentary showing real couples closely interacting. We see each of them telling each other secrets, specifically:
1. When was your first kiss in life?
2. When was your first kiss as a couple?
3. What is love to you?
What follows is genuine and uplifting. Check it out above.
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