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Sam von Horn brings the funk with Vulfpeck's "The Birdwatcher"

There's nothing like seeing artists who admire one another work together. And this exclusive new remix we have from San von Horn is just that. 

You might remember von Horn from his modest, yet impressive debut over a year ago as he was signed to Justin Jay's budding Fantastic Voyage record label. Now, the LA-based producer has just wrapped his tour with Jay, and is about to release something pretty unique for an artist of his size: a remix EP honoring originals from some of his favorite artists. Today we have the debut of his remix of Vulfpeck's "The Birdwatcher," a trademark uplifting and groovy tune from the famed funk band. Von Horn's reverence for the band themselves came quickly a few years ago when he wen to see his friends Thupasaurus open for the group in a garage, and when the headliners came on, was hooked. 

Both shows were nuts–– someone climbed up on the roof and kids were going wild. Awesome mix of virtuosic musical talent with total funk/punk energy. A year or so later, my roommate and manager Ethan was like, '...hey check out this old Vulf tune, it's begging for a house remix'. He was right. I had fun with it and tried to stay as true to the original as possible. It's been fun watching kids dance to Vulfpeck in the club."

Sam von Horn's take on "The Birdwatcher" is undoubtedly an homage to its original 2013 counterpart, while sampling its infectiously funky keyboard and riffs into a shockingly even groovier good time. This remix, as well as a few others like Moses Sumney and Supreme Jubilees, are out this Friday on his Edits EP.

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