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Ardency releases "Bad Moon" off their upcoming EP "The Ones That Miss Me"





L.A.-based duo Ardency is a group project comprised of Christian Gomez and Daniel Noguera from Fort Lauderdale. Founded on the common interests of analog gear and Fleetwood Mac, they have combined talents to create their newest EP The Ones That Miss Me. The project will be released through Majestic Casual Records, and they just released their second single from the EP, titled "Bad Moons." The song is a piece of electronic fusion, containing a noted lack of structure at the beginning that morphs throughout the track into a melancholy bass-line with sweeping synths. It's simplistic nature highlights small changes in the track, showing off Ardency's attention to detail. "Bad Moons" is the second single released from the EP after "Bloom," a track that has already amassed almost 30 thousand plays on Soundcloud. Look out for the full EP this week for a sincere representation of their background and inspiration as artists; vintage synth-work, heartfelt musicality, and unique sound design. 


  1. Bad Moon
  2. Sucker
  3. Bloom
  4. Sorry I'm Late (Interlude)
  5. The Ones That Miss Me

Connect with Ardency: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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