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Ekaruz drop new music video and single "Wild Horses"

German electro-pop newcomers Ekaruz are hitting the world with a double whammy. The duo are dropping their debut single and video on the same day. 

The two members became friends at school, and have been making music together for half their lives. They fuse down-to-earth lyrics with a produced soundscape, and the video mirrors the feel of the track by mixing a neon club scene with elemental scenes of nature. Speaking further on the track, the duo say:

We chose Wild Horses to be our first single because this song is about breaking free and finding the courage to do the things you really love, together with people who are the most important in your life. We worked a lot on our music, and had great experiences but also failed many times in the past. However, 1000 trials break the chains. That means that we should never give up, even if it feels like you have to start from the beginning sometimes.

Connect with Ekaruz: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram


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