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DJ Koze announces new album "Knock Knock" featuring Bon Iver and José González, shares "Seeing Aliens"

DJ Koze has announced the release of his incredible new album, Knock Knock, on May 4th via Pampa Records.

With the news of the genre-blurry collaborative album comes the exciting hypnotic single "Seeing Aliens." Furthermore, on Knock Knock DJ Koze enlists an epic group of iconic well-known voices throughout the record. Bon Iver and José González both make special appearances. The result is a highly individual selection of sounds and textures. And, by the same token, Knock Knock is instantly recognisably as DJ Koze's unique world. In addition, on "Seeing Aliens" DJ Koze has innovated a new genre outside of trend and influence. It's a merging of elements that the producer is extremely comfortable in. Warping bass, dubwise echo and alien nature sounds take it to an alternate-dimension tropical landscape. Listen to "Seeing Aliens" above. Also, pre-order an extremely limited Knock Knock vinyl Pampa box here.


Connect with DJ Koze & Pampa Records: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Spotify 



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