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Shmu shines with "Rainbows"

In his song “Rainbows,” Shmu drops a groovy baseline, which soon transitions into a gorgeous, psychedelic wall of sound. Synth and vocal melodies are woven together to create an atmosphere perfect for zoning out and getting lost in the many layers of his tune. As th esong builds, Shmu proves he is one of the most creative young artists on the rise in music today.

The introduction of distorted guitar brings the track to another level entirely. It soon feels as if your transported for a moment back to a time when bands like Pink Floyd once ruled the radio airwaves. “Rainbows” is the perfect track to play if you miss the fun, warmer, laid back vibes of summertime. Shmu continues to push the boundaries of musical genres in creative and inpactful ways. 

Shmu will soon drop his new highly anticipated project. Watch this space.

Connect with Shmu: Facebook| Bandcamp| Soundcloud



Electronic · Exclusive · Experimental · Indie


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