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MONA is gushing with pure unrestrained vibes on "Royal Water"

Producer and singer-songwriter MONA introduces us to her unique style of experimental trip-hop on her newest single "Royal Water".

The self-produced song is an off-kilter, mind-bending piece of art that showcases her R&B and pop vocal style. The track is laced with alien-like effects, while her production style crafts a dark, cinematic backdrop surrounding her rousing vocal performance. The term royal water is an acid known for dissolving gold, it symbolizes the things that destroy love. On a higher level, the song addresses the fact that our world is being more and more divided into silos, where brothers and sisters are called "strangers" instead of being united in love. "Royal Water" is not the usual and it presents something to grow on.

"Royal Water" is a part of MONA's three-track debut EP  'Au' which is the chemical symbol for gold. She also gives us some further insight into the EP "Gold has historically been a symbol for things that perfect and divine, but also for aging and wisdom. I have used the metaphor in two ways; to express the “golden” things that are fading but also where I am as a more mature and independent woman and how I process that change."

Connect with MONA : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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