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BRÍET dives "In Too Deep" with debut single and video

Ok Iceland – We see you! BRÍET, the 19-year old Icelandic native from Reykjavik, is fresh on the scene and my god is she GOOD. Her debut self-released single, “In Too Deep”, is an R&B meets electro-pop gem. I've had this repeat since the moment I first pressed play. 

With its low tempo and emotive bare vocals, "In Too Deep" delivers an authentic and powerful sound. It feels stripped down yet is complex in its arrangement, from a raw guitar melody to layers of mixed percussion and synths, and ending high with a chilling string outro. From start to finish, I'm lost in this. 

The video is a creative collage of several scenes, that together give off a bold sultry vibe and intimate feel, encompassing the track perfectly. Directed by Anna Maggý & BRÍET herself, the creative concept behind the video was to do something different from other music videos in Iceland which typically shows the artist walking the streets or dancing in nature. The most prominent scene in the video has BRÍET partially submerged in water that slowly, over the course of the track, transforms from pure white, to red, and then to black. A clear metaphor of the deep emotive battle depicted in the lyrics. 

BRÍET debut EP will be released in March. Watch the video for "In Too Deep" here or listen to it on Spotify.

Connect with BRÍET: Facebook | Instagram | 

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