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GERMANY GERMANY fuses the organic with the synthetic on "Lux" [Premiere]

Victoria, Canada-based producer GERMANY GERMANY is a synth rock workhorse.

Founded in a dorm room in 2010, the project headed by multi-instrumentalist Drew Harris has evolved into a full band. Harris has averaged almost an album a year, incorporating live drumming and instrumentation with synthesized sounds and relaxing atmospheres. Now his GERMANY GERMANY project is on the verge of releasing another album on March 6th, Juneau, and we at EARMILK are premiering the first single today, "Lux." Featuring a crispy, vintage sounding drum machine beat, we're soon introduced to some spacious, exploratory synths.

The song progresses nicely into an instrumental jam, as a myriad of chilly synth leads are placed over top some added percussion and a thick, lumbering bassline. Then by the 3 minute mark we get some energizing live drums, cymbals crashing and cascading in the mix. It's at this moment that the song recalls early era Röyksopp in its wintry compositions. An electronic odyssey that also effectively utilizes organic instrumentation, "Lux" is a track worth soundtracking your next mountain hike.

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