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Louis The Child and Whethan set things off on "Chop It Up"

Louis The Child and Whethan team up for their latest tune titled "Chop It Up," an upbeat record that showcases their style of unorthodox, off-kilter soundscapes. The trio of Robby HauldrenFreddy Kennett and Whethan are going in for the kill this year with their collaboration mixtape Honey, off which "Chop It Up" is taken, and a joint European tour. The track starts off with a  wobbly bass-like synth layered by a dreamy guitar riff. This slowly builds alongside a shrill synth that rises into the main part where the drums kick in and all hell is let loose.

The collaborative mixtape showcases a raw and energetic body of work - one that’s both influenced by contemporary genres such as trap and indie pop while also paying homage to the legendary electronic music scene fundamental to Chicago’s history. 

Connect with Louis The Child: Facebook | Instagram | SoundcloudTwitter

Connect with Whethan: Facebook |Instagram | SoundcloudTwitter

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