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Brighton Be is letting out all "These Feelings"

Contemporary Soul and R&B artist Brighton Be is sending out love-laden vibes well ahead of Valentines this year. On his new effort titled "These Feelings", he takes his personal experiences and transcribes them into velvety smooth track.

The track showcases experiences that dwell on not just the love aspect but more of the journey involved in a relationship and what it may take in mending one that may be falling apart. Musically he walks the classic, traditional R&B route with a lush, alluring backdrop that cascades his mellow, confident vocal tone (which reminds me of a young Maxwell) resulting in a vibe that is only fit for two behind closed doors. Brighton Be also gave a quote summarizing the concept behind the song. 

"Sometimes we may be constrained by how things unfold in relationships such that we may not be able to say how we truly feel, I wanted this song to be about opening up, overcoming pride, and acknowledging one's true feelings and paving a path to an honest future by letting out all those things that we may think make us vulnerable in new or existing relationships."

"These Feelings" is the opener for an upcoming mixtape project and is intended to be a precursor to the project and comes two weeks before Valentines day. The mixtape in question is titled '319x '(pronounced three-one-nine times)  will be released in March and draws from a diverse mix of the LA-based artist's musical influences across soul, R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop genres.  A soul musician at heart, Brighton Be's unique sound and vocal prowess borrows as much from soul legends such as Sam Cooke, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, to mention a few.

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